Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Iron Empire Are Only Hours Away - The Raging Heroes Kickstarter Is Almost Here

Hopefully everyone is aware that the Raging Heroes 'Toughest Girls in the Galaxy' Kickstarter is now only a matter of hours away from commencing. From the information they've provided I've decided I'm going to choose miniatures from the Iron Empire faction. 

It's not entirely clear at the moment how the army builds will work with regard to 40k force organisation or even whether the TGitG will provide an analogue for both Imperial Guard and Space Marines. In my mind it looks as if you might be able to get a real mix for some kind of planetary defence force. However it works, the miniatures are certain to be excellent.

The Iron Empire: The Iron Empire is made up of exiled people that have somehow stumbled upon necromantic knowledge from alien pharaonic gods. They combine Prussian and Germanic influences with some kind of Aegyptian cyber necromancy that allow them to raise the dead and create bio-mechanical aberrations.

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