Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Oldhammer - Paul's Khorne Army WIP

So for the Oldhammer event later in the summer I'm going to be locking horns with my brother Paul. Being a busy fellow, Paul doesn't blog (although he reads plenty) so I'm going to proxy blog for him on the Gazette. This way fellow Oldhammerers and others who are interested can see the development of both of armies in the run up to the big bash at Foundry. Here then, is Paul's WIP Khorne army:

As you can see, Paul's rather like me in his miniature tastes. Plenty of new plastics and resin here. Of course he's following the appropriate way of configuring his units around the Khornate number: eight. This lends itself very well to what is a fine looking army in the making, I'm sure you'll agree. In the coming weeks we'll focus on some selected units as the paint gets slapped on and I hope Paul will follow my example and create a narrative for his army centred on his champions and their retinues. 

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