Sunday, 12 May 2013

Darklands / BaneBeasts Kermorannac - Out Of The Box

Time for another dip into the new miniatures cabinet. And this time we find a raging beastie crashing through the forest! Yes, it's the Kermorannac from Mierce Miniatures. This guy makes a great Cygor, particularly as I have the GW Ghorgon. He's a totally nuts sculpt, from his oversized hooves, to his chubby manhood, to the squealing pig he's about to lob or munch, to his bulging eye. An utterly barking model!

As with all Mierce stuff the resin is good quality and the detail is clear and sharp. Everything went together with a mix of pinning and super-greenstuff (greenstuff coated in superglue - works like a dream). All the Maelstrom business aside, it really is great to have a British company knocking out such brilliant monsters and character models. The emphasis on fantasy is great too, because so many companies emphasise the futuristic and it all ends up looking rather generic most of the time. So bravo Mierce for the classic fantasy focus. 

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