Monday, 13 May 2013

Oldhammer - Davey's Slaanesh Army WIP

Well folks here it is, my current pride and joy, my little chaotic children, spawn of my alliance with the Dark Prince; behold, my Realm of Chaos Slaanesh Army. Here it is in all it's WIP goodness. 

Over the last couple of weeks I've been putting the final additions into place and base coating as much as possible with Slaanesh Grey to achieve a cohesive look from the outset. The next stage will be to do all the bases. This kind of army production technique is a departure from my usual ambling approach to miniatures, but it's the best way to ensure that everything is ready for Oldhammer at Foundry in August.

The basic background narrative for the army is that they're a force loyal to a chaotically corrupted Marienburg nobleman turned Chaos Champion, who has become a recluse in his heavily fortified mansion. In the grounds of his estate, the by-products of his sorcerous experimenting are animated trees - Slaaneshi Beastmen carved from flora. Three are Minotaur-sized and form the Champion's Warband. The greatest, most ancient tree, has mutated into a beast akin in power to a Chimera - a monstrous host.

In the catacombs below, mutated Witch Elves and Chaos Centaurs partake in debauched rituals, served by Chaos Goblins and attended by Human Chaos Cultists, and overseen by a twisted Wizard; the followers of two other Champions: a Sorcerer and a Dark Elf. A dim-witted but mighty Troll completes these warbands.

Chaos Marauders and Warriors - all publicly nobles and covertly skilled fighters - make up the elites; some Marauders riding Mounts of Slaanesh. While the remainder of the army is comprised of Dark Elves: some corrupted Sea Elf traders, others devious and twisted Corsairs, and still others raiders riding Cold Ones who dwell in the Wasteland. 

Everything here is a currently available miniature, or a kitbash from current parts. As I've said before, the Oldhammer ethos is what's important for me, and as you can see, the army units (and most of the warband units too) are in multiples of six. Over the coming weeks I'll chart the development of this army AND the opponents it will face in a show down 25 years in the making... my brother's Khorne army, which I'll unveil tomorrow.

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