Sunday, 3 March 2013

Plague Drones - Out Of The Box

I survived a week of near-fevered anticipation and the plague drones are finally mine. I am not disappointed because this is a great kit. I picked up two boxes from the marvellous Firestorm Games in Cardiff for a couple of reasons. 1. I wanted to see if there was the possibility of converting three of these bugs into a Nurgle heldrake, and 2. I wanted to make all the different options available, and create - along with my Blight Drone - a unit of seven buzzing flyers.

On 1., the answer is pretty simple. Without a lot of messing around the conversion isn't a possibility as far as I can see. Perhaps someone highly imaginative will dream up an ideal way to do this but I can't. However, as you can see from the look of these bugs, a converted O&Gs massive spider would fit right in... so maybe there's one final addition I need to make to this force...

On 2., all the options can be yours with two of these kits. You can swap all the horns around, mix up the tails, and change the arms on the plaguebearers, though in general there are two options per plague drone. Plenty of variety can be attained through fixing the wings and legs in different ways. This would be more restrictive if modelling them up for WFB. If I'm ever going to use them in that system I'll use longer flying stalks so the models are based up in unit formation. I never want to model for that eventuality if I can avoid it and it's actually easier to do with flying creatures.

So here ladies and gents is my first complete drone. I went with the musician as it was the one that happened to come out of the box first. With the legs splaying forwards and to the side I think I've achieved a more dynamic pose than the ones GW have used in their promo photos. Plenty of Slaaneshi work going on in these parts too, so expect March to be a pageant of chaotic greens, pinks, and violets. 

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