Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Helfly And The Herald Of Nurgle

Firstly, apologies for the odd nature of these photos. As usual I'm trying to experiment with too many projects at the same time and everything is a rush. So here are a couple of shots of this evening's works in progress. 

Most prominently there's the Helfly. On this I've finished all the greenstuff work and gone round the whole thing several times smoothing out the gaps and checking for anything I'd forgotten to clip off when getting the whole thing to actually stick together. Tomorrow the primer. Really looking forward to that. Nestled at the base you'll see the beginings of my Herald of Nurgle on palanquin. Here he is close up.

This should be a reasonably straightforward corpse cart plus converted Bragg the Gutsman. This will be pretty much as you see it now, with some work done on the ogre to ensure he's sufficiently nurgled. The corpse cart is a nice little kit that I've wanted to get for a while; really easy to put together and insanely gruesome (in a good way obviously). Luckily, I can use the necromancer it comes with in the undead cohort that's forming part of my Cult of Slaanesh. How economical of me!


  1. Great use of the crypt cart! I love that model and have never found a way to use it in 40K.
    Sadly my pure Khorne army will have no use for it.
    Still a bang-up idea!

  2. The Helfly looks impressive! How about a group picture with the plague drones?

    Great idea for the herald conversion. :)

  3. Very nice! I love where this is going!

  4. As always, many thanks for the encouragement and support guys.


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