Saturday, 30 March 2013

Nurgle Terminators (Forge World Parts)

Being an old fashioned gaming fellow all my Chaos units have to adhere to the deamonic numbers set out in Realm of Chaos. With my Slaaneshi fantasy army it's six and multiples thereof. And with my Nurgle Chaos Space Marines it has to be units of seven, fourteen, twenty one, and so on. Here then are my seven Nurgle Terminators. I've taken the rather standard route of getting the regular box and adding the Forge World Death Guard parts, but I've also tried to be a little more creative with the plastics. Achieving a unit of seven was very economical as all I required were two extra pairs of legs, which my brother dutifully supplied - thanks Paul.  

Then it was just a case of mixing all the shoulder pads around the unit and working in some interesting plastic parts. I chose to utilise a couple of spare Plague Bearer heads and the candle topped altar piece from the Coven Throne. Yes, it's undeniably OTT, but it's exactly the kind of look that I enjoy. It also makes this guy look something like a standard or icon bearer, which could have useful in-game roles. With the unit as a whole I'm pleased with how dynamic they look. That's not something I was expecting with terminators as they're often rather lumpy and sluggish looking.


  1. I think they work very well, the first especially. They look more wracked by change and point back towards the more fluid forms and craziness of the Realm of Chaos days.

  2. Looks nice, a cool mix between oldschool and newschool. Keep it up


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