Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Plague Drones In Flying V Formation

Here are all my buzzing friends in formation (currently minus riders/pilots): a unit of seven - being the number of Nurgle - led by the blight drone. Hopefully these shots show all the different poses that are achievable with this kit - not just the rather uninspired floppy legged ones on the box...


  1. Those look great, also posted about them imaging them to be used as alien wildlife but just could not afford to buy them as €40 for three models is quite a sum of money!

    Thanks for sharing these pictures and making my doubt about my choice!


    1. Thanks, I'm very pleased with them so far. I'm certain that there will be plenty of inventive uses for these that will pop up pretty soon. They are pricey - I indulged myself after a bumper weekend on eBay.


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