Tuesday, 29 January 2013

There's A Storm Brewing

What, you might ask, am I doing with a Stormraven Gunship? It's a good question seeing as I've so often sniggered at all the power armour lovers out there. Well it turns out that I've been wrong all along and it's time to get me some Space Marine loving.

It all began when I was thinking about future paining projects. I wanted to find something different in order to really stretch my skills and learn a few new techniques along the way. My Nurgle project, Beastmen, and soon-to-be-started Dark Eldar are all bestowed with a grubbiness that I adore. However, it's never a good idea to stick in a comfort zone, so I'm going to have a shot at some Imperial Fists.

And there's an additional plan at play here because long-term - by which I mean next year - I'm going to enter my force in GW's Army On Parade (probably). This will be a totally new challenge and goal for me. It's all getting started with a few crafty eBay purchases, as I build up a small and elite force that has just the aesthetic I'm looking for.

Oh yes, and why the Stormraven Gunship? Aside from being able to zoom it about making whooshing noises and pretending it's for the benefit of the kids (it's not). It looks as though Space Marines will get the use of this fine war bird with the advent of the new 'flyers' supplement, due in a few weeks time. And it was a bargain and I'm such a sucker for a bargain on eBay.

(Must stay off eBay...Must stay off eBay... Must stay off eBay...)


  1. lol, "must stay off ebay" I too well know that one!

    look forward to seeing you're imperial fists as they appear.
    "Aside from being able to zoom it about making whooshing noises and pretending it's for the benefit of the kids (it's not)." loving this visual =P

  2. Hi,
    i like your Blog!
    Anf i like your works!
    I follow you.
    If you like to follow me too, i’ll be happy!
    See you soon! ^^

  3. Ebay... Boon and bane of all gamers...

    Are you planning on painting them in the "painterly" style?
    Because I'd like to see that...

    I see lots of very clean/precise paint jobs on Space Marine armies, a change would be nice.

    1. Yes very much a painterly style, that's the plan. The clean paint jobs you tend to see have made me almost blind to Space Marines. I've never understood it though, as I'm a gamer from back in Rogue Trader era and the whole aesthetic back then was entirely different. I do appreciate clean/precise styles, but working that way really doesn't interest me.


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