Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nurgle CSM Mutilators WIP #3

I've not spent too much time on these as I've been busy finishing kitbashing my mob of 35 cultists (more on them during the coming week). I have finished the conversion job on all three of these chaps now though, and got the basic base coats on all the new bits. So here they together for the first time. I think these will come out really well, although the stylised paint scheme will take quite a few sessions to come together. To preserve my patience for the job ahead I'm going to spend the week with the far more straightforward cultists. 


  1. Hey man, really liking the look of these guys. Great choice using the old demon prince arms on the right most beast. It's got a nice dynamic pose going on!

    1. Thank you! Actually thinking of grabbing a couple more from eBay because these are so much fun to play about with.


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