Friday, 18 January 2013

Nurgle CSM Mutilators WIP #2

It's taken me ages to decide what to do with two of my mutilator conversions. I've wavered between fitting them with more futuristic weapons and alternatively keeping their trollish clubs (which would've fitted reasonably well, if not perfectly). In the end, as these pictures attest, I've made substantial changes. The first mutilator below is now in the midst of forming a great daemonic sword (taken from the daemon prince set); the second has morphed two power mauls (taken from the Carnifex kit). Tomorrow I'll post a WIP of all three. Thanks to Ben for the comment that nudged me to finally take the plunge and make these changes.


  1. I think that's much better - though I'm surprised that you're still converting them having got so far through the paint job!

    1. Cheers! I suppose I'm just an endless tinkerer...


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