Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nurgle CSM Mutilators WIP #1

The fluff for Chaos Space Marine mutilators is better than the available GW models. Who doesn't think that fleshmetal is a great concept? For my Nurgle worshippers I decided to employ my hitherto nomadic and rather unloved river trolls as mutilators, reasoning that their appearance was suitably rotten and that I could develop an interesting technique for representing a hybrid of organic and machine. Here is my early progress. 

Plenty still to do but I'm laying down a kind of work that I've not tried before, namely capturing two different kinds of light and shade, which are opposite to each other. For the green areas that represent the hardened armour plates, I'm using highlights in the regular way. For the pinkish flesh parts though, I'm attempting lowlights, as you might say, to hint at a molten underbelly to these foul beasts. 


  1. Interesting idea. Liking the conversions/paint jobs so far, but I think those two in the bottom picture should lose their primitive weapons.

    1. Thanks Ben. The weapons on those two are an open question. The primitive look would work with the rest of the army, but I do want more of an advanced look to at least part of them. An evening with the bits box awaits. The other daemon prince bits and some from tyranids might do the trick.


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