Saturday, 12 January 2013

Thank You Games Workshop For Doing Away With Surplus Clicking!

For many years I've been looking to do away with all the unnecessary mouse clicking involved in ordering my wargaming miniatures online. How arduous it is to click laboriously on the 'buy' icon below each and every different item I wish to purchase.

Now, Games Workshop has an answer to all my woes! As announced on Faeit 212, our favourite premium wargaming supplier is now rolling out more of their extraordinary 'one click bundles'!

GW are reported as saying: 
So what is it exactly?
  • Every month we will release six collections of themed products that have been put together from existing ranges of miniatures to allow our customers to purchase multiple, related products in one convenient click.
  • These collections are put together as exciting opportunities for our customers to collect more miniatures. For example, a Space Marine Tactical Squad and Drop Pod is a simple one-click purchase that is nicely themed.

Amazing! No longer will I need to undertake the ever tiresome task of thinking for myself when building an army - and here's the clever bit - Games Workshop are deftly avoiding overcomplicating the process by not including any discount whatsoever! So, no additional worry about how much of your hard earned cash you're saving, because you're not saving anything!

Thank you Games Workshop for this stroke of genius. I for one will sleep better tonight!  


  1. Very funny (both your review and the sales concept too) and sadly a damning indictment of the once mighty GW's desperate grab for cash. I wonder how long until sales begin to appear in the background itself..?

    1. They just sell toys, with very little of the imagination there once was. We need to keep that alive ourselves.

  2. Thank goodness! I was worried the price might be subsidies and I would be honour bound to send them a cheque for the difference!

  3. All the more reason to visit online discounted stores. Like we needed more urging.


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