Friday, 22 June 2012

That Was The Week That Was #1

This is a new regular feature for the Gazette. That Was The Week That Was will be a weekly collection of blog posts that I've found interesting, inspiring, informative... you get the idea. So let's get on with the first miscellany of hobby loveliness: 

1. Very cool Minion's Swamp Horror repositioning / conversion over at BoLS:

2. How to make greenstuff cloaks tutorial at From The Warp:

3. Old School Terminator shows off some Dark Eldar Grotesque conversions on Dark Future Gaming:

4. Crazy-wonderful old chaos creatures from the archives of White Dwarf on Once Upon A Time In Warhammer:

5. Astonishing monster sculptures from the artist Jordu Schell on Monster Brains:

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