Friday, 29 June 2012

Beastmen Harpy Conversions

These foul and winged girlies took me quite a while to glue together even though the kit-bash was very simple indeed: Tyranid Gargoyle wings grafted onto Daemonettes. I know I'm not the first person to try this, but I think my early results will eventually produce some of the very best examples. I've gone for dynamism over the practicality of making certain they rank-up on the tabletop... I'll deal with that sometime later.

I'd never suggest for a moment that there was a best way to do a particular conversion - personal preferences certainly rule - but on a trawl round the web I've found a few kit-bash conversions using some very odd choices (in my opinion); ungors for example, and even crypt ghouls. I can't see how anyone wouldn't opt for daemonettes, or, why they would add the extra arms at the front (like the meat-puppet-handed old sculpts GW still offer). In my mind harpies look something like this, even if mine aren't so feathery!


  1. Simple, seamless and awesome conversion.
    Would make stellar chaos furies, if they didn't suck as a unit in 40K.

  2. Doesn't really look like a conversion, looks perfect to me.

  3. Very nice. I guess the obvious reason for using ungor is a) so they'd fit in with your beastman army and b) because you have spare ungor lying around as a result of said army. But these really look the part to me.


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