Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Month Of Over-Ambitious Conversions

I think I may have been overly ambitious in planning this, but fortune favours the brave. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about...  

I think I've worked myself into the perfect storm of conversions - here we have Daemonettes, Flagellants, and Ghouls, along with the spiders from the Goblin Spider Riders in a complex interchanging conversion diagram. From this lot I'm going to be making:

1. Genestealer second and third generation hybrids using flagellant bodies and ghoul arms (also Empire pistols from the militia set)

2. Genestealer first generation hybrids using ghoul bodies, Daemonette legs, arms from old purestrain 'stealers (not pictured) and heads from the current ones (also in the top bag).

3. Spider Centaurs for my Beastmen using the Daemonette bodies and arms together with the spiders. 

I feel a bit of an idiot for planning all this, but now I have all the pieces and sets I really have to complete them all. June will be a very interesting month...


  1. Always loved the Genestealer cult concept for 40k, so I'm really enjoying these posts. Can't wait to see the finished conversions!

    1. Thanks - lots of work to complete though... and there's all this damn football on television distracting me too!


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