Monday, 4 June 2012

Genestealer Cult - The Plot Thickens...

Some progress on the cult over the weekend - below is a near-finished purestrain. Once I've finished this one I'll have to put up the paint recipe, mostly as an aide-memoire for myself. I also found some great anatomical study pictures from the book Xenology, a couple of which I've included below. The rather achievable task / pipe dream for June is to finish all the purestrains along with the ten hybrids and ten cultists. 


  1. Looking great, though I'm never sure what colour scheme I prefer for Genestealers any more (all mine are in the old blue/purple scheme which used to be the one for them but that you never see these days...)

    1. Thanks. I did think about the old blue and purple scheme, which is as you say the 'classic' look. I wanted to try to develop something a little more fleshy and organic, plus I really like working with this set of colours. I have started to refer to them as my space prawns though...


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