Saturday, 29 October 2011

Splintered Shin - Orc Blood Bowl Team WIP

I now have all the miniatures for my new Orc Blood Bowl team, which I've named Splintered Shin. To get a good clear and bright finish I decided to undercoat these using white and skeletal bone primers. Then I applied a base coat of Ultramarines blue for their uniform and Orkhide shade for the base of the skin tone.

Splintered Shin: soon to be regularly terrorising stunties and pointy ears alike 
Last week I finally picked up a box of river trolls so that I could use one in this team. I've wanted some since they came out, but because I'm got a sizeable unit of stone trolls in my greenskins army, I couldn't really justify it. The one model that I have put together is absolutely fantastic. I've attached a rather comically small shoulder pad (as if this spiky fellow would need one) just so it has a splash of the team colour - I'll also out his squad number on it. I started painting him last night using a reverse shading technique. This basically goes against the common-sense for shading (where you build shades from darkest to lightest) and involves putting a block of the second lightest shade (Gretchin green in this case), which you then wash with two different darker shades in order to blend it in. It wouldn't work for all colours, but it's great for greens, especially when you want to achieve an aquatic or reptilian look.  


  1. I, umm, don't suppose you'd be interested in selling or trading a spare Troll, would you?

  2. No harm in asking! But I'm afraid I've got plans to use them as part of my diorama-style night goblin units - sorry :-)


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