Thursday, 20 October 2011

GW Gift Vouchers - But What to Buy?

Several of my in-laws have very kindly clubbed together and given me £50 worth of GW vouchers - but what to buy?! There are so many things on the 'wanted list', but I've got a tingly feeling that tells me that these should be spent on the most substantial thing possible: that means, a battalion or battle force box. This then introduces further conundrums, such as... is this the time to reengage with 40k?.. should I know start a completely new WFB army?... I'm loath to spend this on 'bits and bobs' - paints and a couple of finecast models - but I'm also impulsive. I'll have to think fast because I'd be amazed if I could get to the end of tomorrow without having bought... something...

In other unconnected news, I saw a tee shirt with this on and had to share - the science fiction Venn diagram:   


  1. Complete set of Foundations, complete set of Washes? Best £40-odd I've ever spent in GW...

  2. If I didn't already have all of them, I'd agree.


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