Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Blood Bowl Challenge!

Word on the street is that Blood Bowl will get a re-release next year in a big box similar to Dreadfeet. Ok, so that's not actually the 'word on the street', but a rumour I heard the other day in a shop - still, it's nice to dream. It got me thinking as well, because Blood Bowl is the only game that I've played at least once a year since about 1986 - it's about time I really had some teams to be proud of.

Now, I realise that ANOTHER painting job is hardly what I need, but I've never been one to not get carried away. The good points about a Blood Bowl team, of course, is that they are only a limited number of miniatures and you can really get the best from them in a short period of time through carnage on the pitch. Also, Blood Bowl is kind of a board game, so it's possible to get non-gamers to play casual games every now and then - perfect for the weekly games night.

So... here is the challenge. Within SIX MONTHS I will create FIVE new Blood Bowl teams from scratch. All the models will be converted from the current GW plastic miniatures. Working from the 6th edition of the Living Rule Book (now referred to as the Competition Pack), these teams will be:

1. Norse
2. Orcs
3. Ogres
4. Skaven 
5. Chaos

Let the conversion carnage commence! Deadline for completion of all five teams... 11th April 2012...


  1. And I've just won a box of orcs on eBay, so these will be the first team - I've decided to add a further rule to the challenge... One team must be fully finished before I begin working on the next...

  2. All fairly straightforward with new plastic kits, assuming you're using WHFB Gnoblars for BB Snotlings.

    I'm not so sure about the current Chaos Warriors though: the static poses and cloaks don't say BB to me. I used some of the old hunchbacks of Chaos myself, which I still prefer aside from the odd hunchback look.

  3. That's indeed what I was thinking of doing with the Gnoblars.

    Just bought some old style plastic Chaos Warriors still on the sprue from eBay, so managed to side-step the awkward issue of the static poses - they look very BB I think.


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