Thursday, 6 October 2011

Pro Arte Acrylix Brushes - Review

Last week I picked up some new brushes, and rather than popping into GW or another hobby shop I decided to give the local art store a try. There was - and this will be no surprise - plenty of choice, although the majority of brushes on offer were too large for miniature painting. I plumped for a 1 and a 2/0 from the Pro Arte 'Acrylix' range and my goodness... they are magnificent. They have good long handles, which helps with control, and the 'spring' in them is simply amazing. Working with them last night not once did I have to 're-point' the bristles and they held the paint very well indeed. Given that these brushes were only slightly more expensive than the GW offerings (which are almost useless) I would recommend these to anyone looking for some great tools with which to improve their overall painting experience.  

1 comment:

  1. I've used all kinds of sizes of the Pro-Arte range and not found one lacking yet, fair price for good brushes :) Much better than the tat I'm using right now!


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