Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Marienburg Battle Standard

My creative juices when into overdrive last night and I stayed up to the wee small hours working on a battle standard for my Marienburg army. Now, being Marienburg this model was alway going to have to be no the ostentatious side! So I picked up a model galleon from Revell, raided the bits box, and have finally put the undercoat on this:

The Revell Spanish galleon has been converted using bits from the Empire and Brets knights spures, along with other parts, including ogre barrels, a goblin wolf head, some classic shields, and even a wolf tail from 40k Space Wolves. 

The ogre is from the Dogs of War Golgfag's set, and I've used my favourite which has a metal cooking pan for a helmet. The captain has a state trooper body with arms from the general box - his shield is from the GW freelancer knight. The base is a 20mm, topped off with the ornamental plaque from the GW chapel sprues - this way, I've managed to fit quite a lot in a limited space. 
It's currently in three parts - the ogre and base, the captain, and the ship - so that it will be easier to handle and paint. Not sure at the moment when I'll get a chance to put a full paint job on this, but it certainly was fun to put together!


  1. Hi Davey,

    Thanks for adding the Battle Reporter logo to you blog. I've added your blog to the WFB Allies blogroll so you should appear on several other Warhammer blogs including :-

    the Warhammer Battle Reporter blog
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    A game is for life not just for Christmas :)

  2. Good effort fitting that much stuff onto a 20mm base. Is it balanced OK?

    That is indeed one of the most ostentatious battle standards I have seen. Looking forward to seeing it painted.

  3. Sigmar - thanks :-)

    Hoodling - it balances pretty well actually, although I was initially worried about that. The ogre is metal and the ship is very light (despite all the adornments), so that helps.


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