Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Where the magic happens...

I am not by nature the tidiest person. And collecting, modelling and painting wargames miniatures is a hobby that lends itself to a great deal of clutter. All in all, it's a 'perfect storm' kind of situation. Over the past eighteen months (since I got back into collecting etc.) our house has got progressively more clogged up with my hobby bits and pieces - there is, for example, a massive sprue pile next to my bed that I am trying to ignore and my wife is constantly reminding me of... Our house isn't massive and with the back bedroom soon to be turned from my 'junk room' into our second child's bedroom I needed to find a more flexible way of working. 

The games tray with works-in-progress: Grave Guard command, Marienburg command units, Sea Elf pistolier
So in an effort to make a contribution towards positive marital relations I've bought a few things to help keep things tidy; namely, a tool box for storage of paints etc. and a games tray to use as a workstation. I actually got these a couple of months ago, but... well, I'm the kind of guy who needs a long run-in time for a project...! This morning I finally got around to sorting them out - and here is the evidence 

The games tray and the tool box.

Top layer with paints

Bottom layer with glues, basing materials, etc.

My painting corner
Above is a picture of my painting corner, resplendent with the lamp that my wife calls 'ugly' but that I'm rather fond of.

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