Friday, 30 September 2011

Painting Tips and Reviews - New Page

I'm not an expert painter and the miniatures that I produce are only really average at best. However, like most of us I'm always looking to improve my techniques and find the best materials.

I'm now keeping a record on this blog of the tips and hints that I find, hear, or figure out through trial and (often) error. This will be on a new page, that you can see under the header, as well as in regular posts. I'm also going to keep a note of paints and brushes that I use, and importantly, how I use them; mostly for my own reference, but they might be of use to others too.

Here are my first two reviews, looking at a couple of the brushes I use most often at the moment:

This is probably the brush I use most often. It reminds me of the third gear on an old mini that I used to have - you can get started with it and push it really far before you need to think about using something else. Although it's called 'insane detail' it's actually a very useful size to use for a range of applications, as it helps me maintain a steady pace, instead of letting me being tempted to rush ahead and get a job finished. The quality of the hair seems really high for a relatively inexpensive product and I've not had any issues with forking or bending. 

This is a real workhorse. It's also the only Citadel brush that I've used that hasn't turned out to be complete rubbish - all the others are now used for bases, adding large area washes, and even for applying PVA glue - that really tells you what I think of them! The fine detail brush, on the other hand, is never far from reach, although it does seem to be showing signs of wear after a couple of weeks of use. This brush is probably a false economy and I probably won't buy another, but it's worth it for a beginner.

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