Monday, 19 September 2011

Battle Report - versus Greenskins

A couple of Saturdays ago my Marienburg army had its maiden battle against a force of greenskins led by a rather nasty goblin warboss and featuring savage orcs, spider riders, river trolls and mangler squigs. The orcs and goblins were actually my own but were ably fielded by frequent gaming opponent Andy - no photos this time, but I'll be sure to get some for the next match-up and all future battles.

My List

1 x Wizard Lord (Level 4) with Talisman of Preservation - 255 pts
1 x Master Engineer with Hochland Long Rifle - 85 pts
1 x Battle Wizard (Level 2) - 100 pts
1 x Master Engineer - 65 pts 

20 x Hangunners with marksman - 165 pts
25 x Halberdiers with full command - 145 pts
15 x Huntsmen - 150 pts
10 x Crossbows - 80 pts
10 x Crossbows - 80 pts
15 x Swordsmen - 90 pts

Great Cannon - 100 pts
Mortar - 75 pts
5 x Pistoliers with outrider and musician - 104 pts
15 x Great swords with champion - 162 pts 
5 x Outriders - 105 pts
Volley Gun - 110 pts
Rocket Battery - 115 pts

TOTAL: 1986 pts

The early stages of the Marienburg artillery (including custom built volley gun) 
The Set Up
Pistoliers and crossbows on the right flank with the volley gun, facing spider riders. Centre of the field is the cannon, halberdiers, crossbows, great swords and swordsmen, facing goblins, trolls and a doom diver. Left flank has the outriders, handgunners and the rocket battery and mortar, facing savage orcs. Wizards are placed with the main troops, while the engineers attend to the grouped war machines.

Vanguard Turn 
Spider riders advance down my right flank, pistoliers move to counter. Outriders advance and turn to open up field of fire.

Turn One
Greenskins advance straight across the table at a march, suffering no animosity. I fire off all ranged weapons, mostly in an attempt to kill the manglers squigs that are moving ahead of Andy's lines. Doom diver kills a great sword. I don't move any of my infantry as I'm not keen on having them mashed up just yet. Wizards manage to inflict wounds on the trolls and halt their advance with lore of fire - also hex the goblin general. Outriders reduce wounds on mangler squibs but don't kill them - similar result in the centre of the field. Volley gun opens up on the spider riders but misfires twice (one re-rolled by the engineer) resulting in an explosion. Crossbows panic and flee the field.

Turn Two
Spider riders survive the volley gun and charge cannon; however, the spiders amazingly fall short on the dice roll. Squigs advance so my lines stay where they are. Doom diver kills several great swords again. Wizard lord get off purple sun, which takes out a number of the night goblins, but they hold. Outriders fire again on the other squibs along with the handgunners, eventually destroying them. All other ranged weapons pepper the greenskin lines, while the cannon blasts the goblin boss in the spider riders, fortunately causing panic and sending them fleeing from the field.  

Turn Three
Much as before, although there is now animosity among the savage orcs. Trolls now getting in charge range over a hill in the centre of the field. I realise now that I can only realistically play gun-line tactics. Doom diver misfires and is destroyed. Another purple sun vortex is (rather reluctantly) cast at the goblins, slowing their advance again.

Turn Four
Cannon shot kills a troll and goes through the savage orcs, who are then panic after being hit by the mortar, outrider and handgun fire. The goblins suffer casualties from crossbows and are reduced to panic. The battle ends.

Marienburg victory.

An interesting game, if not a really exciting one. Plenty of opportunity to get to grips with the artillery and other black power elements of the force, but little in the way of hand-to-hand combat - certainly no chance to use the detachment system. Also there was a lot of turn drag, as neither of us were that familiar with our armies.

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