Saturday, 24 September 2011

The gathering of the undead warhost begins...

I like mixing up my painting projects because I either get bored very easily or just get tempted away by something new. That's why it helps to have a number of armies/projects on the go at the same time. I've been collecting the odd undead model for a while without much direction, but I recently decided to dive in properly and start a Vampire Counts army. There are some many good models made by lots of different manufactures that it will be impossible to ever 'complete' an army - this is why I'm so keen on collecting humans together with the Marienburg theme: the possibilities are endless. Anyway, here are the first two undead models to leave the painting tray. A Wight Lord and a Tomb Banshee (both metals from GW).

Wight Lord and Tomb Banshee
Back view
The main aim with working on these two models was to experiment with colours, generally the mix of the green, red and blue, but also more specifically with getting the rotting/aged look without losing the sharp colours and contrasts. I'm particularly happy with two aspects. Firstly, the metals on the Wight Lord: here I used Tin Bitz and then successive dry brushing with Bold Gun metal, Chain Mail, and finally Blazing Orange - I think this has achieved a pretty good rusted look. Secondly, I'm pleased with my experiment with the green: here I used Scorpion Green and then a wash of Leviathan Purple, followed by highlights of the green again, mixed with different parts of Skull White.

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