Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Making unique command groups

I've never been one to use models just out of the box, and command groups are ideal for a spot of kit bashing. Here are two works in progress.

Firstly, the command group for my main halberdier unit.

Nothing too fancy here because with the halberds getting the unit to sit together without folks falling all over the place can be a nightmare. The musician uses the flute from the handgunners sprues while the head and body are from the state troopers set. The champion uses a state trooper body along with the head and massive warhammer from the Empire general sprues. Sharp eyed readers will already have noted that the standard bearer's body is from Perry Miniatures, with head and arms supplied from the GW state troopers bits.

Now these chaps from my swordsmen command group are a good deal more interesting. I'm going to have fewer ranking-up problems here, because this is one of the units where I'll be using ogres as unit fillers. Across the three models I've utilised bits from the state troopers, militia, knights, and pistoliers kits. I'm really glad that I've been able to make the most of the coat/capes from some of the spare outrider/pistolier sprues that I've got - they make for really dynamic looking models. Hopefully, once they have a lick of paint, they'll look great advancing across the battlefield.

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