Saturday, 27 April 2013

Slaaneshi Minotaurs - Realm Of Chaos Oldhammer Army

As everyday life dramas and work activities have ruled the days recently, only a few bits of hobbyness have managed to flourish. Most notable this morning are these Slaaneshi Minotaurs for my Realm Of Chaos army that were constructed last night. These are based on Tree Kin that I got during a lengthy visit to GW Covent Garden following a meeting (I also learned how to play the Hobbit game, which was fun). I've added spare branches from the dryads in order to add some bulk.  

The Tree Kin are much maligned but I really like them, even if they're a little small without the added foliage I've bestowed upon them. As with the dryads I think these can be made to look more Slaaneshi than standard Beastmen - they also fit really well into the narrative for the army, which I'll get around to explaining at some point! 


  1. Is the Covent Garden store still in that claustrophobic little dungeon? I used to love going there, it was a proper hobby shop. Liking the the Minotaur conversions, I always loved the wood Elf sprues and thought they were full of character.

    1. Yes it's still the dungeon, and it does have a good feel to it. The guy in there was great too - actually happy to go off script and talk about Realm of Chaos and 3rd ed, which is rather rare in a GW store these days! I've always liked the Wood Elf stuff too, so it wasn't hard to find an excuse to use these in my RoC army. I've got a Treeman I could use too but I've not figured out what he could be a proxy for from the 3rd ed bestiary of chaotic monsters...


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