Monday, 8 April 2013

Slaaneshi Beastmen - Realm Of Chaos Oldhammer Army

I think it's worth pointing out again due to some confusion following my post about my Slaaneshi Chaos Warriors that these units are for a Realm of Chaos army to play with 3rd ed rules, not a warband. This army will contain a warband - I've just not got around to rolling it up yet, having been sucked into the temptation of a full force. Right, moving on!

I'm trying to think creatively about Slaanesh because I think it's really the least war-like and most insidious of all the ruinous powers. Regular troops rarely cut it for me as simply aligning out of the box fighters to the Dark Prince often ends up looking odd to my eyes. Basically, there needs to be a satisfactory narrative.

I'm still crafting the overall tale of my champion, his warband, and this overall army (note again the distinction please ;-). For beastmen though I always knew I'd need something different, even if I still wanted them to be wild and 'of the forest.' Step forward perverted dryads. These really fit the bill for me - and it certainly helps that they come in a box of 12: a handy Slaaneshi multiple! These twisted sisters will work rather well with my overall narrative too. And if you're interested in such things, I'm hoping to get that written up later this week. I hope the Oldhammerers among you will approve.

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