Saturday, 13 April 2013

Beastly Guardsmen From Victoria Miniatures

One manufacturer I've admired for some time but never purchased from is Victoria Miniatures. Now I'm extremely tempted with the new range of abhuman guardsmen, which could work very well in my genestealer cult (once I bring that project out of hiatus). Here are the details on those beastmen:

Contents are:
7 individual Broolian Beastmen heads
6 Armored Trench raider Torsos
6 pairs of Broolian Beastmen legs
6 Pairs of Trench Raider Arms with weapons
3 Trench Raider Hand Weapons
6 Combat Knives
6 Trench Raider Pouches
2 Sprues of Stick Grenades
4 Pairs of Leg Armor Plates
5 Groin Armor Plates
1 Shotgun Strap
6 x 25mm Round Plastic Slotta Bases. 
This set is currently available on a pre-order basis. Kits will be shipped in May-June on a first come first serve basis. Limited advance sets will be also available to purchase at Adepticon 2013. 
The Future for the Broolian Beastmen.
Late 2013 a resin version of this squad will also be available. Vic Minis is keen for collectors of the metal version to let us know how you would like the Broolian Beastman range expanded with future releases.
Bits from this set will also become available individually.


  1. Replies
    1. I'd prefer resin myself. If she moves to that I'll be buying without hesitation.

  2. About as characterful as you can get. Vic' Lamb's sculpts are so good. I have her Highlanders and they are amazing sculpts.


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