Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wicked And Twisted - New Artwork

As of today I've returned to working on fantasy, science fiction and horror artwork. After working on some miniatures for a couple of hours I got the urge to grab my inks and palette and splurge something wild and nasty from the bowels of my imagination. I didn't have a canvas or any good quality paper to hand so I had to improvise with the 'support'. So, here he is...

'Cereal Killer' (Acrylic inks on the back of a cornflakes packet)
More beasts, bastards, heroes and demons to come...


  1. Looks like you were spotted in your Sunday Best when you published this post. Hope you don't mind me throwing your shout out on my weekly theme top x. Really enjoyed your artistic inspiration series as well. Thanks for sharing your painting.

    1. Cheers for the kind comment and many thanks for the link


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