Monday, 9 April 2012

Manticore Conversion - Twin Tail, Bad Attitude

A further addition to the Dread Host of the Dark Lord Davey: a Manticore. This is another model this I've had my eye on since it was released by GW, particularly because it can be put together without a rider with no conversion necessary. That being said... I've decided to convert it!

When I got my hands on the scenic base from a Black Dragon as a spare with the Warpfire Dragon from Forge World I couldn't stop thinking about how I might be able to put it to use - a little bout of eBay-ing later and... voila! ... one twin-tailed Manticore with a seriously bad attitude.

Not a complex conversion this one - a little work on the feet to set it up, then a good dose of liquid and 'traditional' greenstuff to join the two tails. A few bits from the Ghorgon kit and greenstuffed spines completed the transformation.

Hopefully it won't be bucketing down with rain tomorrow and I'll be able to get the primer on this chap and get a base coat layer started. 

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