Friday, 6 April 2012

Scibor, Forge World and Finecast Resin Compared

This morning I was prepping three resin models from Scibor, Forge World and the GW Finecast range, so I thought I'd note some of my experiences and some of the differences when working simultaneously with three resin variants.

Minotaur, Warpfire Dragon, Ogre Firebelly
Scibor Minotaur
This was the hardest resin and in most respects the easiest to work with, although the glue required a little extra pressure to take. Detail is well defined and mold lines can be easily removed (I use a thin pointed trowel-shaped sculpting tool to do this). Most of the effort is taken up with getting the parts of their original 'sprues' and some caution is advisable here, because this hard resin seems quite brittle in some respects - I didn't snap anything, but the way some of the excess pinged off I'd think this is a potential hazard. Filling is limited to small and thin gaps between parts.

Forge World Warpfire Dragon
This is a medium-hard resin, simple to put together, even with the plastic parts. Detail is astonishingly good - certainly the best I've seen. Lots of effort required in filling, although nothing two layers of liquid greenstuff couldn't deal with.

Finecast Ogre Firebelly
Soft and full of flaws - bubble holes (battle damage?!), and a couple of toes missing on the right foot. Easy to put together. I would say that the detail is worth the extra work on filling and re-sculpting though, as the character, stances and dynamics that can be achieved with finecast are brilliant. Once again, however, I had the suspicion that quality control is low because younger customers are less likely to complain...

Overall thoughts
In a direct face-off I think Forge World wins and Finecast certainly loses. The Scibor resin works brilliantly with their sculpts and I'll be buying from them again, although in terms of detail the minotaur is no match for the GW models. 

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