Sunday, 15 April 2012

Scibor Minotaurs - Out Of The Box

In a previous post I compared the Scibor resin with the FW and Finecast resins, and talked a little about one of the Scibor minotaurs. This was part of a set of three that I bought from Maelstrom Games during their spring clearance sale. Here are a few initial thoughts on these particular minis and a cluster of out-of-the-box photos...

The box and some pieces
A complete minotaur ready to be trimmed off - but take care modeller... this resin is pretty brittle!
Close Up No.1: good detail on the body
Close Up No.2: After a quick trim these are surely a dream for a serious painter
Minotaur number one stuck together, primed and wearing some initial flesh tones
Overall these are great models. The price (even without the sale discount) is competitive and the sculpts are a whole lot better than the anatomically bizarre offerings from GW. Throw in the scenic bases and these guys are fantastic.

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