Monday, 19 May 2014

Zoat Proxies For The Tyranid Codex, Or, It Takes Diff'rent Zoats To Make The World

The Zoats-as-Tyranids-Proxy-List is coming together quite nicely, aided by some of the semi-factual stuff that's emerging about the new addition of 40k and a few bargains gained fortuitously on eBay. Here's how I see things developing (names to-be-confirmed)

HQ - Zoat Tyrant
This guy will be based on the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth model. I'll get the finecast version so I can convert his rather tiny front legs and some thought will need to go into weapons [see below]. He'll also need to be fitted with a respirator as the story goes that true Zoats have problems breathing anything other than a very specific atmosphere (something conveniently skimmed over with all other 40k races!)

HQ - Zoat Dominators 
These will be proxy Tyrant Guard and based on the new Dragon Ogres plastic kit, which is wonderful. I think I should be able to muster five of these beasts and have gleefully ordered some 50mm round bases for them to rampage around on. And the news of 'unbound armies' in 7th edition helps me field five rather than three of these - I know... I like the Oldhammer side of the hobby, but I also like to play by current rules. I guess I'm a hybrid! 

TROOPS - Zoat Warriors
Easy one this - classic metal Zoat models from the 'good old days'. Tyranid warrior profiles and the weapons should map over quite neatly.

TROOPS - Bio-Gaunts
Here's where it will get a little more creative. These Hormagaunt proxies will be Lizardmen Skinks with additional limbs - all these monsters need to look six-limbed and zoaty, after all, if we were making bio-engineered foot soldiers we'd probably give them the same body structure we have. Unless they were drones, but that's another matter...  

ELITE - Bio-Devourer 
Now, this monstrosity will be a Mutalith Vortex Beast standing in for a Haruspex. With additional legs, of course.

HEAVY SUPPORT - Zoat Destroyers
A little work required here, but I'm pretty sure, having looked close-up at the models, that the FW Bull Centaurs are ripe for conversion into Carnifex proxies. These will actually work out as cheaper than the regular GW models (smily face). 

HEAVY SUPPORT - Zoat Devastator
Finally - and this one will be a blast - how do you fancy a Tyrannofex proxy built out of a Carnosaur with an upper body mixed with Ghorgon and Giant parts? I already have the massive guns...  

This needs a little thought. Obviously the original models have Tyranid-type weapons so there's no reason I can't equip this lot similarly, especially given the fluff I discussed in the previous post. It might just take a little experimentation with 'Nid plastics and plasticard.

The trouble with talk of Zoats is that I cannot get this theme tune out of my head. Although of course in my version "It takes, diff'rent Zoats, it takes, diff'rent Zoat to make the world..."  


  1. Reckon you're onto a winner here, some good conversion ideas to explore.

  2. I thought you'd go with the Dragon-Ogres when I read the last post.
    This looks like it's going to be a pretty awesome looking force. Can't wait to see it when work begins :)

  3. Cheers both, just need to scratch a few pennies together for the big guys. Hoping to make a proper start on the dragon ogres next week.


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