Monday, 26 May 2014

Wait, What?! 7th Edition 40k?! Or, In The Grim Grimness Of The Grim Dark Grim

As a casual gamer it is with some amusement that I have watched the crazy-storm that has preceded and followed the arrival of 7th edition 40k. I can count the number of 6th edition games I played on my fingers so I genuinely don't qualify when it comes to having an opinion (*wink*). Having said that, this new rule set looks very much geared towards the kind of game I instinctively prefer - now you can officially field what ever you like, so this is fluff bunny heaven. I have more gaming planned so it suits me rather well.

I'm an odd hybrid because I like the Oldhammer ethos AND I prefer to play with the current rules. This is likely linked to my enjoyment of so many of the current models. No mystery here. A boundless make-up-endless-house-rules kind of game doesn't appeal. I need structure because I play rarely and need to plan whole armies in advance: plus, a clean, current rule set helps make the rare game run smoothly. Game designers study and play test for hundreds of hours so I don't need to!

I've just got my hands on the books (there are three, in case you didn't know). So a few evenings of study are ahead of me. A planned Zoats/Cult vs. Imperials campaign demands some engagement. My opinion is of little consequence although I may have some observations to add to the debate - particularly because I'm non-tournament player. An alternative view might be worth something...!


  1. I don't know; I rather like having a set of restrictions to kick against. For some reason - probably the Literature student in me at work here - a sandbox doesn't really compel me to do anything but wander in and wander out again. The highly structured, top-down-imposed iron Laws Of Play, on the other hand, drive me to make things up out of spite.

  2. Oh there are plenty of restrictions still in there. And on first glance it isn't the crazy free for all that some tournament players seem worried about. I too enjoy working with/against the set laws, I find it pushes me to be highly creative, like with trying to figure out a 'legal' Zoat army. Maybe it's an essential creative tension for some of us?

  3. I hear you can ally Imperial Guard and Tyranids now... HELLO GENESTEALER CULT!!!

  4. You can BUT, they count as 'come the apocalypse' allies, which comes with a long raft of conditions (can't deploy within 12", can't do anything if within 6" of each other, that kind of thing). So officially, yes, there can be Cults now. But I think I'm going to stick with my rule-breaking-narrative-reasoning idea that they should be included as 'battle brothers' due to 'the fluff lore of ages.' That means they can fight together properly rather than as some kind of odd frenemies.


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