Thursday, 6 March 2014

The UltraMarch Project: Ultramarines Tactical Squad Manorian Takes Shape

Here is first update of my UltraMarch Ultramarines project. As you can see I've constructed and based Tactical Squad Manorian, coupling their bolt pistols with shields to style them in line with their less formal name as 'the Shield Bearers'. I like to imagine that they are mid-combat and mid-campagin - their bolt pistols are drawn as they plunge into combat, with small shields attached to designate their identities in the midst of a drawn-out campaign in hostile territory. 

The next steps will be to clean up the models and apply a white under coat followed by blue base coat - I've not chosen this yet as I've been away from my paints in Oxford, but at the moment I think I'll go for a lighter blue that can be shaded in interesting ways, with blues and greens and perhaps even some orange. 

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