Saturday, 22 March 2014

The UltraMarch Project: Mucky Marines Take Shape

Here are a couple of my very mucky Ultramarines. I fear it's only going to get worse for them! As per usual I'm building up glazes and washes over a series of highlights (hence the white), however, this time I've decided to get all experimental with the Tamiya Color 'Clear X' range of paints. These are glossy, gloopy, transparent colours available in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange. 

I've mostly used the orange here, building up from a heavy covering over the basing cork and up the legs. Then, I added some into the deeper recesses on the models, which I overlaid with the clear blue Tamiya X and some purple wash. This combination is proving very good for open-ended process I favour. These Ultramarines will end up quite some way from the squeaky clean GW preferred look. To my mind, 40k should be covered in deep layers of filth - the Eldar perhaps being an exception. 

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