Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Genestealer Cult Armoured Sentinel Squadron - Alternative Models From Dystopian Legions

I do like the standard Imperial Guard Sentinel models but I wanted to do something different for the Genestealer Cult: after all, we should always remember that the 40k universe is huge and composed of millions of planets and cultures - so why stick to a slim range of technologies? I also jumped at the chance to buy some more of the Dystopian Legions models, in this case a couple of the Basset Tankettes.

Here they are as WIPs. I've armed them with heavy flamers because I want them to play a flanking anti-infantry role and I reason that they won't take much fire in early phases due to their short range. These weapons also fitted the best and I think they look cool - as good a reason as any!

I think these models make good proxies because even though they obviously don't have the hight of the regular Sentinels they do have a reasonable bulk on the base. Also, I never play with anyone who would even remotely have a problem with using sensible proxies - gaming life is too short for that!

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