Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Genestealer Cult Limos - Alternative Transports From Dystopian Legions

One thing that's deep in the old fluff for Genestealer Cults is Limos. As an idea they really encapsulate the Oldhammer style of these armies. I held out for what seems like ages for good models that capture that ethos but can also practically play the part of a Chimera-stand-in. And here they are, played by the Patriot Armoured Carrier from the Dystopian Legions range, in WIP state. 

This set of models sent me wild the first time I saw them previewed around a year or so ago. I'm very pleased with the two that I've picked up - the resin detailing is fantastic and they fit together really nicely. As you might have noticed, I've made a couple of changes to bring them into the 40K universe; namely, the addition of heavy bolters on the turret and at the front. A simple change that brings them squarely into the role of Chimera proxies (they are roughly the same size, albeit slightly narrower). All this detail is a joy to paint too. I should also mention that these actually work out as marginally cheaper than the GW models. A nice little bonus.


  1. Have you considered drilling out the heavy bolter gun barrels? I think that would add a lot to the look of them.

    1. I hadn't yet but it is something I've thought about doing before. It's certainly something that would fit with the style and detail of the model so I may just give it a try - thanks for the tip.

  2. A great limo stand-in! I might ah, borrow that idea.


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