Monday, 3 February 2014

Further Progress With The Genestealer Cult Heavies In The Year Of Mech And Monsters

Some miniatures in an advanced work-in-progress state. As usual of course, plenty of tinkering is still likely here, as I never really finish painting anything - I just abandon and return to things on an ad hoc basis. 

Well, that's only partly true now as I aim to finish the year with two completely painted forces: my Genestealer Cult and my Realm of Chaos Slaanesh army. It is tempting to augment the Cult with more Tyranids given the ability to put together what I believe is called a 'Nidzilla' list of big nasties. 

Maybe I'll do that. 2014 is certainly turning into the year of 'mech and monsters'. I have another Leman Russ in front of me right now and a couple of other tanks that are looking rather cool as Cult Limos. Pictures and details on the weekend.

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