Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Slaanesh Chaos Spawn, Probably

These are great miniatures, a couple of 'brutes' from Mierce Miniatures. They have a very gladiatorial look, as if they've been rebuilt by some utterly twisted mind, with the sole aim of a short and extremely brutal life in some wretched fighting pit. The sacks over their heads make them look all the more perverted. Lovely! I'm planning on using them as Slaanesh Chaos Spawn in my Realm of Chaos army so here they are in some of the basic colours I'm using - it's a nice palette to work with (also pinks and flesh tones), very different from both my Nurgle work and the colours for my Genestealer Cult. I'd like to have a fully painted playable RoC army finished by the summer. I suppose that almost counts as a new year's goal! That'll never come to pass then ;-) 

They would also make excellent Dark Eldar Grotesques.

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