Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Hobby Year To All

Welcome one and all to the new hobby year. I trust you all have plenty of plans for the months ahead?

I myself have begun by tidying up the blog a little as it was rather cluttered. I hope you approve.

As for 2014 I have three simple resolutions:

1) More hobby in general. Now I'm more accustomed to my split living arrangements - and studying again - I'm going to get more modelling and painting done while in Oxford.

2) Regular gaming. Particularly with my brother, who has amassed a collection large enough to stock a small GW store. So I hope you'll see pictures of my armies against Marines and Eldar and Realm of Chaos battles with Khorne warbands. 

3) To GM and play RPGs. My regular Cardiff group should continue and I'll mostly play via Google hangouts or FaceTime. In Oxford I plan to take advantage of a willing gaming community among my cohort to launch a sandbox campaign in the latest edition of RuneQuest.

Let's have some fun :-)

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