Monday, 20 January 2014

Games Workshop In Danger, OR, A Storm In A Teacup? What I Would Do (For What It's Worth)

There's a huge amount of chin scratching and pondering going on at the moment in the blogosphere about the future of Games Workshop, given their substantial dip in profits. So here's a very brief summary of what I would do if I was in charge:

  • Increase the number of miniatures available in each box as a way of reducing prices across the whole range. This would include multiple unit boxes and by-on-mass deals.
  • Employ real writers who would develop the narrative of the universe (both 40k and fantasy) and feed this into the development of the range [this idea was discussed recently with Andy Bartlett, who should take some credit]. This would make everything 'click', make it a true hobby once more, and bring gaming and collecting to the fore... as opposed to simply trying to sell bigger armies for bigger profit.
  • Change the retail side of things so that the shops sell miniatures from other manufacturers, possibly (I'd say definitely) even other game systems. This would mean taking the big step to not being total dicks about the reality of other game systems and models existing out there! 
Well, there are just a few ideas jotted down during a lecture on cyber security, just because these things were on my mind today. Any thoughts? What might be more realistic? 


  1. I would like to see Gee Dub offer clear, concise, and well-written rulesets for their game(s). Support both the physical and digital products (rules) with updated FAQs and errata.

    The second thing I would like to see is Gee Dub support independent retailers, rather than compete with them. I have only purchased one thing in a Gee Dub store due to prohibitive price(s), and hours of operations (stupid one-man stores). That was a Redemptionist gang pack- direct sale only. The small size of the Gee Dub stores coupled with some of their more outlandish rules are reasons my friends and I avoid gaming there- and I can't tell you how many times I buy something at my LGS over the course of a game night (be it hobby, or game related).

    Finally, I would iterate that some sort of discount to product purchase is in order. Even if the discount is applied to large purchases, or bundled deals. The price to play this game, coupled with the rules were the deciding factors that pushed me into seeking new games for my hobby time. I am now spending money on competitors such as X-Wing (FFG), Dropzone Commander (Hawk Wargames), Warmachine (PP), and Malifaux (Wyrd), whereas a year and a half ago I was exclusively devoted to spending my hobby time (and budget) on 40K.

    Good Game, Gee Dub!

    1. I've heard those concerns and critiques around the web for a while. Going beyond the prices - which are getting almost totally prohibitive - and talking about the rules is important. They need a good overhaul in the light of the other game systems you mention. Of course, I'm happy to play early editions of 40k or fantasy, but that's hardly a common taste so current market conditions need to be taken into account.

      And I agree the support from GW to indie retailers is awful. But I'm not hip enough to understand what 'Gee Dub' means!

    2. Gee Dubya!

      It is telling that White Dwarf and the web used to have rule hacks developed by GW staff that allowed games - WFB, 40K and BloodBowl - to be played more quickly and with fewer models. If their own staff don't have time to play the games as written...


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