Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Plague Marine Conversions, Part The Second

For stage two of these guys I decided that third party backpacks just weren't going to cut it, so I delved into by double-Dark Vengeance box and fished out the backpacks from the chosen (which I'll replace with standard chaos ones from GW via mail order). Here are a couple in shiny-white primer, and a few more wearing a base-shade of Daler Rowney Antelope Brown ink, which has proved to be an amazing base-shader (with a littler medium and a drop of water added.

The first test model alongside my version of Typhus from Scibor
The base-shaded 'command group'
Some in white primer toting various weapons 
A bit of base shading done on the Scibor snail
Probably the best example of my base shading approach on a mildly kitbashed Helbrute

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