Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Plague Marine Conversions, Part The First

Yes, yes, I've been distracted again, but these Avatars Of War Corruptors of Apocalypse are just too tempting to play with! Here they are in the first stages of conversion into Plague Marines. This was always my plan and I'm pleased with how it's gone so far. The 40k weapons have been straightforward swaps for the great weapons these guys are supplied with, and fortunately it's been easy to clip these down to make a range of nasty looking plague knives. The next stage, which will occupy me during the coming evenings, will be the addition of some extremely festering backpacks. The standard marine issues - imperial and chaotic - are just not right for this job, so I'm planning something that's a cross between exhaust vents and fungi (like those on the Nurgle Daemon Prince...).


  1. Very nice. I look forward to seeing more of these guys.

  2. These look ace.. a nice grab there from the AoW models.. but now I want to do some of these... argh..

  3. Thanks chaps... now, if I only had more time to work on them!

  4. Looks ace! I'm glad to see that someone had my same idea and has executed it so nicely. Just one question, do you think the legs are slightly bigger than a pair of normal CSM legs? Could you be so kind to post a comparison picture, please? I think it'd come in handy for many of us. But it's just a suggestion, you know ;)

    1. Certainly, happy to oblige tomorrow :-)


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