Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fenrisian Wolf Pack - Out Of The Box

No, of course I don't collect Space Wolves, but what fantasy gamer could resist the new Fenrisian wolf pack as a replacement for the awful old GW wolves from the early 90s? The first thing I noticed once I'd got into this box is the lack of spares - something I'm rather used to with my sprues. I suppose this is a normal 40k approach (in which case I disapprove) or perhaps these chaps are high on the fabled 'goblin index'. I've no idea, but nonetheless the sculpts are lovely and the poses wonderfully dynamic.

Six wolves would obviously have been useful as that would've made for occasional replacements for three goblin chariots, but the five in the pack are all very good - more-or-less anatomically correct with a good dose of fantasy styling.

They all stuck together easily enough and a little liquid greenstuff covered the thin gaps between parts. As they came with round bases that are of little immediate use for me, I used some spare spider rider cavalry bases, which added a pleasingly characterful WFB touch. Primed white and with a few thinned brown washes, this pack is ready to take some close attention over the next few weeks.


  1. The lack of spares is certainly not a general 40k phenomenon, I suppose there just aren't many options for these guys. It's too bad I bought myself some LOTR wargs shortly before these were revealed, or I'd also have felt tempted by some. Not sure all of the poses really suit a chariot though.

    1. No, you're right, no options so I suppose that makes sense. I'll be using these for my kit-bashed Night Goblin chariots (among other things) and for these I've used Tomb King chariots so they ride very high, meaning the poses should be fine - also I like the idea that they will look that little bit more out of control.

      Someone gave me a sprue of the wargs a while ago and I think they look pretty good actually.


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