Monday, 27 February 2012

Occasional Photos of GW Stores Spotted While Travelling

The last week has been entirely fallow for hobby as I've been away with work. As I travel to various cities around Europe I've decided to start a new series called 'occasional photos of GW stores spotted while travelling'. Here is GW Rennes in France, handily situated next to an Irish pub.

Normal Gazette service resumes tomorrow....


  1. I'd actually be interested in seeing some more of these. Some GW shops are surprisingly sensitive in terms of architecture. Look at this one - the windows respect the lines and stonework of the existing building rather than falling into the 'rip the front off and replace with plate glass' school, and the dual signs matching the upper windows are a nice touch.

    Rennes evidently has some town planners with an eye for aesthetics. Good on 'em!

    1. I think I have one from Copenhagen I can dig out... Sadly though, shops in France never seem to actually be open (not in the morning anyway) so I didn't get to work on my terrible French through the shared language of Warhammer.


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