Friday, 3 February 2012

A Big Lump of Resin 'Stone 'n Crap' for £65?! Hmm...

Forge World - usually so on the ball - seem to have dropped it with this one. It's the Orc Rogue Idol. These photos have just popped up on their website and I have to say it's incredibly uninspiring for a large monster. Hard to believe I couldn't just knock one of these together from scratch... and for a lot less than £65! The rules look interesting (and suitably 'ocry') so maybe I will.


  1. I wouldn't even go to the trouble of scrathcbuilding one. I would go to a WalMart, and pick up a Green Lantern movie Hannu figure for $3 (they are on clearance) and paint him to look like rocks. I mean, like rocks that aren't dressed like a green lantern.

  2. I agree, it looks like something anyone with a little bit of experience could just walk into their garden gather up some stones and knock up in an afternoon, or scratch that just get some wine or beer corks and a craft knife and you're sorted with the light weight option :)

    1. Very much like the wine cork option... not simply because I'd get to drink all the wine (honest).


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