Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February Pipe Dream - To Understand Painting (Properly)

Ah, February. It's like the feeble, underdeveloped and sickly cousin of the other months. I'm also away for over a week of it, so what to do, what to do...? At the beginning of the year I decided that annual to-do lists simply weren't for me - instead I'm going to have monthly 'pipe dreams' that will represent the current my whimsies will be flowing with for the next few weeks. It's a very loose structure and it suits my sensibilities. In that spirit, the February pipe dream is: to understand painting (properly).

By that I mean a few things really. First off I'm going to have a ponder on the artists that inspire me - primarily not miniature painters because I find most of the current fashions for mini-painting leave me unmoved (despite the fact that some people are insanely talented artists). The other thing I'm going to focus on is conceptualising my painting into two distinct but related approaches - a little like John Blanche's 'slow' and 'fast' techniques, but with my own twist. Oh, and as the picture below from this evening shows, in order to do this I'll be making my homeward journey to Marienburg.

Marienburg Greatsword WIP

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